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[UPDATE] In the news

VentureFizz covers the CogoLabs incubator and its many success stories, including Cognius, in Formula for Startup Success.

What we’re doing

It’s hard to find a market more inefficient than staffing. The hiring market is large, complex and opaque. Job seekers are left to wander their personal networks or scour long lists of semi-relevant opportunities. Employers are stuck with the expensive, time-consuming task of weeding through large volumes of poorly qualified resumes from untargeted sources, or else paying high fees to recruiters.

At Cognius, this is exactly the type of problem we thrive on fixing; We love inefficiency. Not in ourselves, but in the markets we go after. Why? Because we’re good at optimizing, and inefficient markets present huge opportunities to create transformational businesses. We’re starting out with a profitable business model, an audience of millions of job-seekers each month, and backing from some the most successful entrepreneurs in Boston.

Who we are

Cognius started as a team of 3 veterans of Cogo Labs, Boston’s most successful Internet accelerator. We have over a decade of combined experience launching high growth Internet startups with a focus on predictive analytics. We have been key players in four separate companies that each achieved $20MM in annualized revenue in three years or less.

We believe that good decision-making is always driven by hard data and thoughtful interpretation. We speak in numbers, and we measure results. We expect a lot from ourselves, we love solving puzzles, and we expect our work to be challenging, rewarding and fun. We love computers, because they free us from the drudgery of repetition, and free our minds to engage in the creative problem solving that is the essence of human ingenuity.

Who are you?

We’re looking for the brightest minds in Boston to join our team: Applied Mathematicians, Stats Junkies, Economists and Computer Scientists. Ruby on Rails, Python Developers and Big Data Experts. If you fit any of the above categories, just email your resume or LinkedIn profile to jobs@cognius.com.

Interested in the services we provide? Have an audience of Job Seekers? Email us at partners@cognius.com.